Think of finding a medical provider like hiring an employee because really you are hiring them to help you manage your health and wellness.

When working with a healthcare provider, consider your health goals, current health status, number of current medications you take, what is your healthcare provider’s plan to get you healthy, and most importantly your willingness to make a change to improve your health and wellness.

Here are some tips to help you find the right medical provider for you and your family.

  1. Be your own advocate. Arm yourself with research and information. Ask questions, even if you think of them after an appointment. Only you know you best.
  2. Be willing to invest in your health. Unfortunately, insurance largely drives what medical services people utilize based on coverage. However, that doesn’t mean a treatment is going to be the most effective option. Insurance should not dictate what healthcare services you utilize.
  3. Does the provider’s philosophy of care fit yours? Aside from inquiring about this during an appointment with a provider, most people ask family/friends what they know or about their experience with a provider.  Call the office and ask for a phone consultation with the provider. Research their website or social media accounts.
  4. Ask friends and family who they would recommend.
  5. Communication: Ask the provider what their communication preferences are (message, phone, email). Do they check in between appointments? How do they track the progress of your health and wellness?
  6. Trust your gut. Does your healthcare provider make you feel at ease? Do you trust them?
  7. Clinic Environment. Is the staff friendly & professional? Do you feel comfortable in the office?
  8. How familiar is the provider with your specific healthcare needs? Or how willing are they to learn about your healthcare needs?
  9. Can the provider see my whole family? 
  10.  What Ancillary Services do they have available? Imaging, lab services, a referral network of specialists.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Erin, give us a call at 701-566-5306 and she would be happy to discuss your health and wellness needs.